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   The globalisation and fragmentation of supply chains means they are  increasingly complex and vulnerable to disruptions driven by factors far outside any enterprises control. Often these disruptions can be global, impacting multiple nodes in the supply chain and often they can be simultaneous creating  a significant strategic shock to the status quo. Covid - 19 serves as a good example of what can happen in supply chains but recent examples can also be seen in risks such as:  

  • Political and security unrest

  • Extreme weather events

  • Natural disasters

  • Economic collapse 

  • Global health crises


Addressing these challenges successfully requires a quality and depth of information not found in traditional supply chain management software

      Enter Geospatial Intelligence; GEOINT is 'the process of deriving information about human activity and physical geography from the analysis and exploitation of imagery and geospatial information in a particular location'. More simply, it enables supply chain professionals to have:

  • Information on the precise location of every factory, distributor, or service facility

  • A clear understanding of how at-risk these factories, distributors, and service facilities are of being impacted by a natural disaster or other disruptions

  • Real-time information on shipments and delays, transportation routes, and customs updates

  • Ability to analyse all of the above holistically to make more contextual, intelligent and all round better decisions


We believe that bringing an Intelligence based approach to Supply Chain decision making enables organisations make better decisions, faster with a clearer understanding of risks and potential impacts.
       Our approach brings together; enterprise data, geospatial data and open source intelligence to contex- tualise the planning and management of supply chain disruptions this enables strategic decisions to be made at tactical speed. The application of this approach clearly has huge benefit across the full range of supply chain challenges whether it is historic analysis, future planning or live operational manage - ment.

       Our team draws on experience from across global supply chain management , maritime Intelligence and Defence. The team we have brought together has a range of skills and experience that enable it to:

  • rapidly build a detailed understanding of your Supply Chain environment and the key challenges you face

  • quickly define the geospatial intelligence requirements to effectively manage your supply chain performance and risk profile

  • effectively configure a geospatial Supply Chain toolset that enables early warning of issues and the integration of critical data to support decision making

For more information please visit our partner website www.octantsci.com
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